Let’s Begin Our Meals!

With the opening of this blog, let’s begin with the most useless post just so I can make sure this theme will look right, and so you can get a bit of background information if you’re really just THAT bored and want to read about me and this blog.

I’m Dreamz. This blog is about food. Specifically in Toronto area mostly. Even more specifically, the focus will be on foodie-licious events, such as Winterlicious and Summerlicious. The reason why this blog exists is that I realized many people around me have heard of such events, but have no idea what to with it. With an overwhelming amount of great restaurants to choose from in this city, it’s hard to tell what you want and where to start if you’re not a major foodie in the downtown area. Let me get this straight first, I for sure am not a fancy major foodie so you won’t get those types of reviews in this blog… but I do like to eat around (yes I’ma restaurant whore) and to share with people food that I myself find tasty or interesting! So, my goal is to share my experiences with others so that you can either 1) drool at food pics or 2) decide for yourself whether you want to try it yourself in the future!

And that’s about it with this awfully too formal post. I do hope you are enlightened by the foods you see! ♥


One thought on “Let’s Begin Our Meals!

  1. blobsofdoom February 6, 2014 / 7:52 PM


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