Winterlicious 2014 – North 44 º

The first restaurant of Winterlicious 2014 and Dreamz is starting off with nothing less than the best :) ! North 44º is opened by celebrity Chef Mark McEwan and I had no idea about this restaurant (because I really am a real noob still when it comes to the food world) until I was doing my research on what restaurants to hit up this winterlicious season. I happened to loveee this place’s menu after I looked it up, so it was my new-restaurant-to-try of choice this year! And soooo glad I picked it because the atmosphere and food were both phenomenal! Parents loveddd every bit of it, and they’re picky asian eaters >__< but still came out happily satisfied from this meal! And enough blabbing because here are the photos you have beeen waiting forrrr – Dinner @ North 44º

Beautiful compass design on the glass looking into the open kitchen. Depicting the naming of this restaurant, a latitude of 44 degrees north.
Lighting effects of the atmosphere were perfect!
The menu was sparkly *o*


Ok. I don’t like beets generally and my mom always tries to get me to eat them… but omg. They did something spectacular to these beets because the blend of tastes was SO DELICIOUSLY UN-EARTHY AND NOT GROSS-ISH FEELING. If beets came like this, I would gladly eat them, everyday Mom.

Appetizer – Roasted Heirloom Beet Salad

Chowder was gooood, but it had a lot of corn. So if you’re scared of corn, don’t get this. They’re hiding at the bottom of the soup then AHHH THEY GET YOU AFTER YOU’VE FINISHED EATING THE CRAB PIECES. The portion looks tiny but the plate is deep. It’s just their plate being fancy with you.

Appetizer – Crab and Cauliflower Chowder


My FAVOURITE dish of the night. The curry sauce was… so good I couldn’t stop dipping things into it. The chicken has mushrooms stuffed inside. The meat was sooo tender and just yummy!

Entree – Roasted Mushroom Chicken Ballantine

Fish was done really well for a western restaurant! Because I grew up eating asian fishes that are always steamed perfectly, I am really picky about fish at western places (which are mostly overcooked). This one was crispy on the skin, the soft in the center, while being thick and still cooked through. This dish is definitely the lightest one in terms of taste. Very simple with a good healthy tasting broth.

Entree – Pan Seared Rock Fish

Steak was good, but I’ve definitely had better. Not a surprise though since this restaurant isn’t a “steakhouse”. That neatly stacked pile of potatoes was sooo buttery smooth delicious though! First time having them that way (kinda like the flaky layers on a napoleon cake) and loved it. Also, this steak does NOT come with sauce because all the flavour is in the meat and it’s done so well that you don’t even need it :)

Entree – Grilled USDA Prime Striploin


I’m not a fan of pumpkin desserts… so I’m just here to talk about THAT ICE CREAM SITTING ON TOP. HOLY MOLY. Never tasted ice cream in that combination of flavours before. It was so good I couldn’t stop shoving it in my mouth. Thank goodness I don’t get brain freezes. The menu says it’s a creme fraiche ice cream… it was so creamy but had a tang of sorbet flavour, not overly sweet… just… meltingly gorgeous I don’t even know how to describe it!

Dessert – Spiced Pumpkin Cake

So uh… doesn’t say on the menu, but mine most definitely had a bit of alcohol in it… or they were somehow able to recreate the taste and feel of adding rum(? i’m not good with hard liquor ok) to a dessert. Because that combination I have definitely had elsewhere… and it tasted very similar to this. Hmmm shrugs. Not my fave dessert but maybe because I’m not a fan of prunes and dates and all that stuff that’s in here either… hehehe! Thought toffee would be a super sweet dessert but this one wasn’t o__O

Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding


And just to stick these in here… outfit pics! Dang, this is a crappy photo of my outfit but that was the best I could do. The skirt had pretty frilly layers but everything just becomes a blurrrrr~

Dress Style – Business / Classy for dinner
Definitely safe to dress it up at this place for the evening


And that is all for my post restaurant posting! MAN this is actually more work than I intended but I will keep at it for the rest of the restaurants I promise :) I do recommend everyone to come try this place for Winterlicious. It’s not in the core down down downtown, but it’s worth the trip for sure (we actually went on a day when it was snowing non-stop)! This is a slightly less hyped restaurant with the community I feel compared to some of the others, but it deserves just as much loveeee!

Eat On!
Restaurant: North 44º
Winterlicious: $45 Dinner
Reservations: Fills Up Fast! Book within first few days once winterlicious reservations open
Attire: Business/Classy


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