Winterlicious 2014 – Auberge du Pommier

Returning for my third time here, Auberge du Pommier is a definite fan favourite during licious events. Being under the O&B chain of restaurants, you can definitely expect quality. This famous little white house is a gem hidden in York Mills, serving you delicious French cuisine in a cozy friendly atmosphere. I just love how this place is actually a pretty little house, even though all around it are high rises and modern business buildings! Walking in just makes you feel like you’ve entered a delightful party with many guests in a fancy home. The decor is so simple and elegant, while NOT being overpoweringly fancy so that you’d feel like you need to look like a supermodel to eat here or something. I’ve ONLY been here for lunch, so maybe one day I shall try for dinner. But during the daytime, the many windows just allow the outdoor sunlight to gently filter in, brightening up the place and making me so happy =). In the summer, I believe they’ve got a little fenced off patio as well, but I haven’t had a chance to check that out. I went on a day after a snowstorm, so the restaurant sat in a pretty winter backdrop of snow-laced trees. *daydreams* while you enjoy the photos:


They were a little backed up on the Sunday, but I didn’t mind the 5-10 min wait because that gave me the chance to sit on their comfy waiting couches and take this photo!

Entrance into the main dining area

The nicely designed menu with matching table decor

Because this restaurant is a house, they have different rooms that you can sit in! I’ve been in the main area, and both the side rooms now! Excited that I got to sit in somewhere different each time and experience all the different chairs!

Very homely-feel in the ‘Oscar’ dining room where I was seated


FOOD TIME! You know what. I realized I didn’t take photos of the complimentary bread in both this and the last restaurant. I NEED TO START DOING THAT, SORRY. Because this place’s bread came with a yummy artichoke puree! My waiter was super nice and chatted to me about how it’s super easy to make… but I’m just sitting there thinking yea… this don’t look easy at all with my lack of cooking knowledge. HEH. OK… back to THIS appetizer. It literally is what it’s called and what you’d expect it to taste like! Which can’t go wrong if you love salmon things!

Appetizer – Smoked Salmon Rillette

Wow. This soup was goooood. I liked it more than the soup I had at North 44 I gotta say. It doesn’t LOOK like delicious fancy soup, but it certainly tasted so! Great blend of flavours!

Appetizer – Salt-Baked Potato Soup


Hmmm, this was good but not really my thing. A little too meaty for me. The pork itself was very tender, but had a bit of dry-ness to it. The waiter (yes I made good convo with him) told me it’s done that way because it’s been smoked for a long time to get that dry flavouring. I’ve had dishes at Auberge that I’ve liked more so this wasn’t a top one for me.

Entree – Roasted Ontario Pork Belly

Man, I totally butcher this dish’s name whenever I order it. For some reason my mouth always says “No-cchhi” (as in Not-Chii!) when the waiter has taught me it should be “No-kki” (as in No-Key…). I’m not a huge No-Key (gnocchi, if I’ve been confusing the heck outta you by now) fan but I do quite like them here. They had the right chewy texture and size for me. The SURPRISE in this dish was that… THE SAUCE IS ACTUALLY SWEET. Like you’d order pasta-ey things and expect it to taste like pasta-ey sauces. BUT BAM IT HITS YOU AND IT’S LIKE SUGARRRR! And you know what, I loveee sweet things so this worked in total favour for me! I of course had a chat with the waiter about this delightful surprise and he was glad I did enjoy it. But you, if you no likey sugar, I warn you now. It’s SWEET!

Entree – Gnocchi à la Parisienne


Hmmm… you know what. We thought this was alright. It was very chocolatey indeed and somewhat on the heavier side. But it was just alright. Like you know, a good bakery kinda choco cake. I ended up finishing half of this, on top of my own dessert, so I guess it shows that it wasn’t as spectacular as it looks since I got shoved the rest xD

Dessert – Chocolate Pavé

I quite like this Creme Brulee. It wasn’t anything unique, but it was done out of a bowl/dish which is how they’ve been usually served for me. Mmm, there isn’t too strong of any other flavours on top of what you’d expect. So the usual.

Dessert – Cardamom Crème Brûlée


I picked this outfit because I felt the colours and style fitted perfectly into this restaurant’s atmosphere. A kind lady even told me she loved my outfit and I suited the little French theme for this restaurant really well. Haha thanks! Because this restaurant is so well known, you get more different kinds of ppl dressed in here. It ranges from regular jeans and baggy sweater (yes I saw that but I wouldn’t recommend it out of respect for the restaurant!), to a proper suit without tie and knee-length daytime dresses with fur scarves styles.

Dress Style – Business Casual / Casual for Lunch
Most people are business casual. Think your typical Sunday brunch with a well-dressed family kinda thing


And that’s it! Overall, maybe because I’ve had past experiences to compare to, I found this lunch to be good, but not wow-ing. I feel that I’ve had better food from them before, so this time it didn’t make me feel like a top-choice. Their food is definitely still of excellent quality and presentation, and their atmosphere cannot be topped! There were some new flavours and uniqueness, but overall I wasn’t completely enlightened this time around. Props to the wonderful waiter and service though! I’m pretty sure I’ll be back regardless to keep trying things and hopefully next time, they’ll have something new geared towards my tastes! You must give this restaurant a try if you haven’t been!

Restaurant: Auberge du Pommier
Winterlicious: $25 Lunch // $45 Dinner
Reservations: MUST call on the first (few) days. Expect to be on busy tone for a bit, I had to call them a couple of times before getting through on day 1 of reservations.
Attire: Business Casual/Nice Casual


2 thoughts on “Winterlicious 2014 – Auberge du Pommier

  1. blobsofdoom February 6, 2014 / 7:51 PM

    I’m not a fan of no-key, too! :D *high fives* Haha, and omg adorable outfit as usual. I’m so glad you have a food blog now yayyyyy ^_^!

    • xdreamzangelx February 6, 2014 / 9:31 PM

      Thank you <333 It's not much but I figured I needed a place to dump all my food stuff, and to educate those who are interested in fancy foods xD

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