Summerlicious 2014 – STOCK

Still one of my favourite licious restaurants of all time, of course I’d be back for more at STOCK Restaurant Bar & Lounge for this Summerlicious event! Situated on the 31st floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower, this restaurant brings you a mix of fancy classy with modern chic. From the moment you step into Trump, you’ll be greeted with top service and all the personnel who work there are super polite, whether at the hotel lobby or up in the restaurant. One of the great things I was looking forward to this time around was the fact that I knew the balcony patio area would be opened up for the summertime! I never got a chance to check it out before when I came for lunch last year, so I was sure to be making a trip out there before my dinner started. It’s no fancy patio with any crazy views… mostly buildings in the surrounding area really since it’s not at all that high up. But it was still nice to get a breath of fresh air and to look out into the city while enjoying a bit of sunlight. Definitely a good walk out spot for people to chill with drinks :)

As always, let’s get right to talking about how great the food is (yes you should be expecting a thumbs up review already):


Entering STOCK

There is also a super fancy chic bar / lounge area when you first enter into the restaurant that I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic of. Well, there’s always next time!

Fancy walls, high ceiling. All the nice things in the interior of the main dining area.

The balcony patio is opened up in the summertime for drinks! Not much of a view but fresh air and sunlight!
Menu – Fancy trifold with other non-summerlicious options and drinks on the sides


The Pimm’s cocktail was sooo good that the table ended up making 2 orders of it xD It was a very delicious refreshing blend that is so perfect for summer. The cucumbers and mint really gave it a burst of FRESH~ It was also very light and just slightly bubbly. Not too strong of anything in particular, so it’s great for anyone who isn’t a big fan of strong alcoholic drinks. The Zing Flower one wasn’t as stand-out of a drink for me… still summery refreshing but more cocktail-like and bittery because of the grapefruit (which I’m personally not a fan of). Overall excellent summer cocktail drink list in general though!

Dinner Cocktails – Pimm’s on the left and Zing Flower on the right…. (shoot forgot the full names…)

I thought the shape of the breads were really cute xD There was 2 kinds, the regular white and a healthier multigrain one (ugh healthy LOL – sorry I just don’t like healthy breads and their grainy texture for some reason!). Good breads and good puree as usual though.

Teardrop shaped breads with a puree of roasted red peppers and such.

Didn’t get a chance to personally try this dish out myself, but I was told it tasted very good. Also very healthy and light. Good blend of flavours.

Appetizer – Ancient Grain Tabbouleh

Yummm, how can you go wrong when it comes to cold scallops and salmon??? And then what, you’re gonna throw in some popcorn JUST so you can keep us on our toes and be innovative??? WELL IT WORKED! Always love how STOCK finds new ways to come up with unique dishes and ingredients that are different from the other restaurants. All the elements on this dish was delicious on its own and altogether. A bit of cold, salty, crunch, and soft smoothness while being fresh. You really get everything and it all WORKS!

Appetizer – Bay Scallop & Atlantic Salmon Ceviche

I’m a big fan of chilled soups. But not so much a fan of peas. However, this soup was excellent in the fact that it brought the refreshing-ness (i’ve been using that word A LOT but everything really is… refreshing feeling…) without making the pea-taste too strong or too dense at all. The soup was actually a lot lighter than expected so I enjoyed it much more! I was really thinking mushed up cold peas, except the pea taste was there but mixed in with other flavours that allowed it to not be the only thing that defined the soup. The prosciutto bits added a fun little crunch to everything. And they dribbled the soup with a few little peas to give it some more texture without overdoing it. Lovely pea soup even though I don’t even like peas on their own!

Appetizer – Chilled English Pea Soup


I’m thinking ravioli and pasta are pretty normal and overdone already… but I saw the flavouring and ingredients for this and I thought that I just had to give this one a go because I’ve never had lemon with ravioli before and it’s one of my favourite types of pasta dishes. And behold, it was as delicious as it sounds! The lemon sauce was light and creamy sweet-ish rather than the expected sourness of lemons, and went really well with the soft fluffy ricotta. The ravioli itself was sooooooo pillowy soft; the filling was not heavy at all and felt like it could melt deliciously in my mouth. Definitely reminded me why ravioli is one of my favourites when done right! The most unique ravioli sauce ever!

Entree – Lemon Ricotta Ravioli

The presentation of this dish made me gasp…. It came in a flat board… and there was definitely so much artistic-ness to it. The way the mashed potato was smeared across and the placement of all the elements of the dish created a picture that was so nice that I almost wondered if it was food or artwork! And wow… the veal was soooo tender and flavourful. Mashed potato was very soft and delicate. What a beautiful AND scrumptious dish!

Entree – Roasted Corner Farm Veal Loin

They really got the lemon theme going on here, but it’s really working for them and making them standout! This dish wasn’t as “lemon-ey” obvious as the ravioli up there in terms of taste, but it was subtley hiding there. The chicken itself was very tender and cooked to perfection as well. The sauce was quite a standout for me though, had a good sweetness to it and was unique-ly flavourful in its own way. The daps of puree gave some extra flavouring to mix in to the rest of the dish as well.

Entree – Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken Supreme


The Sweet and Savoury dessert (2 different versions of it, the top photo being the originally served dish). Macarons are always delicious, what can I say? The chocolate had a bit of a surprise in the center… a gooey slightly sourness touch if you weren’t expecting it. And cheese… is cheese… which I don’t have much to say about. But man… that cheese is old. *gives it a cheese cane*

Dessert – Peach Macaron, Blackcurrant Truffle, 10 yr Cheddar

Dessert – Sweet & Savoury

A very rich looking chocolate fudge cake that has the richness of the chocolate but without the denseness that makes it feel too heavy or filling! Yaaay exactly what I need in chocolate cakes! Was very soft cutting into it, and definitely had that smooth pricey chocolate texture to it. Wasn’t too sweet and the cherries provided a good fresh fruity taste and juiciness (none of that crazy sweet sugared crap or super sour cherry toppings they put on desserts). All the different sauces blended in nicely together with everything too so that the cake wasn’t just all chocolate. I loveeee cake and this definitely exceeds my expectations for a cake of this type!

Dessert – Flourless Fudge Cake

This dessert had a lot of components going on that all worked well together – nutty, creamy, crunchy biscuity, fruity. STOCK does such a great job of combining different textures and flavours in their foods! The Chantilly cream really helped to balance out all the harder items in the dessert and give it the light sweetness that makes it dessert-ey! I found the pavlova really fun to eat and was tasty. Didn’t expect anything less from STOCK’s desserts :)

Dessert – Strawberry Pavlova

And with the bill, they obviously had to pamper us some more and provide some of their most tasty in-house chocolate treats! With a pretty design printed atop too! Love me some white chocolates… which had some small black cookie-like(?) chunks mixed in as well! Yumyumyum all the way to the end!

On the House – Special White Chocolates


Dress Style – Business Casual / Fancy


What can I say? STOCK has proven themselves everytime, so I just want to keep going back and trying their new and unique dishes! I certainly hope they continue to keep up the quality, presentation, and mouthwatering aspects of their dishes! Can’t wait to be back for the next event. I really love this place, it’s got to be one of my favourite expensive restaurants now! Please please please please go here if you haven’t already! And they are so creative with their dishes that I never get bored and never know what to expect <3 Thank you STOCK for being a part of Summerlicious! And thank YOU for taking your precious time to read my silly food ramblings!

Hope I made ya hungryyy,
Restaurant: STOCK®
Winterlicious: $25 Lunch // $45 Dinner
Reservations: Call in beforehand to reserve (earlier for weekend spots). The dining space isn’t too large and it is always a full house everytime I dine there on weekends for licious events. The great thing is they are open and available all days of the week.
Attire: Business Casual / Fancy


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  1. jisforjelee August 7, 2014 / 10:47 AM

    Heyyyyyyy – nice dress! *wink wink nudge nudge*
    Yes, I’m almost a month late reading the rest of these. :D The flourless choco cake looks amazing!

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