Summerlicious 2014 – Canoe

Ugggh. So life definitely got in the way and I’m doing the thing again where I’m posting up reviews a month after the event =_= I’m so sorry but I’ll have to work on a better schedule for review writing again next licious event. In the meantime, do enjoy the rest of these now outdated posts!


Ahhh… Canoe… The most well known of the restaurants during licious events. Snatched a weekend lunch spot here only because the family wanted it and had the time to call all day for reservations (I personally gave up on this after having been so many times). I guess it was good that they got through because I enjoyed this meal more than when I went during Winterlicious (review here). I feel like they have been getting better with their licious meals every time I come here, but I haven’t had a “perfect” meal with them yet where everything was fantastic and I had no criticism about anything. Now let’s see what I remember from here…


Got to sit in a different area than usual this time.

Far side of the restaurant looking back into the rest of the restaurant
Far side of the restaurant looking back into the rest of the restaurant

Nice window seats overlooking the lake
Nice window seats overlooking the lake
Menu cover design
Menu cover design

Just realized I did a horrible shot, cutting off stuff at the corners and not aligning the frame… I apologize for bad photo taking skillz T____T

Menu - Totally tried to open it up from the previous photo, but you just need to flip it around perpendicularly
Menu – Totally tried to open it up from the previous photo, but you just need to flip it around perpendicularly


The potato pancetta was like the best bread I’ve had!!! I wanted to take a loaf of it home because it was so soft and flavourful with actual chunks of potato bits. Tasted great to eat even on its own! The sourdough went well with their in-house puree too. Best pre-meal breads award goes here for sure!

Bread - Potato Pancetta Bread & Sourdough Bread with Chickpea Hummus Puree
Bread – Potato Pancetta Bread & Sourdough Bread with Chickpea Hummus Puree

Did not expect this dish to look like this (I clearly did not know what Terrine is until I googled it). I don’t think I’ve ever seen chicken made in such a pâté style form before. Not only was the presentation fabulous, but the taste and texture was delicious too! Ingredients came together perfectly… really reminded me of the style that STOCK Restaurant does so well in.

Appetizer - Aurora Chicken Terrine
Appetizer – Aurora Chicken Terrine

So I briefly talked to the waiter about this dish to get an idea of what it was about before deciding I wanted to try it out. The description he gave really caught my attention because this was actually inspired by some traditional potted dishes that I never knew existed. So glad I went with this because it… was… AMAZINGGGGG. Definitely remember this as one of my favourite dishes of this summerlicious and definitely the most loved appetizer for me. First of all, LOVED the presentation and style of this potted dish, definitely my first time trying something like this. Secondly, the mayo-like mixture on top really elevated the way the cold soft trout tasted inside the glass jar. Everything on this plate was so good together, except for the giant piece of lettuce that I did not eat… xD The chopped up bits of radishes were seasoned well and gave a good sour-ish kick to the dish that wasn’t overpowering. So much yums I really want to eat it again right now…

Appetizer - Potted Rainbow Trout
Appetizer – Potted Rainbow Trout

Inside the Potted Rainbow Trout
Inside the Potted Rainbow Trout


Very cute plating having everything on only one half of the plate! Overall I enjoyed this dish but I do feel like a few things could have been improved upon. The shortribs really needed more of the sauce because that sauce was really good. The bison ribs themselves were very difficult to cut apart, but they were a good kind of chewy to eat rather than the painful tiring kind. There was a very strong meaty flavour to it, but I feel like it could be a little more tender if they weren’t planning to use much sauce because it felt a little tough to chew through by the end of it. MORE TREE SYRUP. MORE SWEETS FOR MEEE @__@ But still a wonderful quality dish to have.

Entree - Tree Syrup Rubbed Bison Short Rib
Entree – Tree Syrup Rubbed Bison Short Rib

I really enjoyed the special plating of this meal which I think they did much better than previous events. I thought this to be a very interesting and different choice since it is less common to have schnitzel as a “classy” dish. Everything tasted as you would expect it to from looking at the picture of the foods. Cooked very nicely, but nothing special to mention regarding the food flavours.

Entree - Turkey Breast Schnitzel
Entree – Turkey Breast Schnitzel


This dessert was super duper jiggly wiggly that I had to play with the plate and watch it wobble around before I started eating it xD I felt like this flan was very similar to the dessert presented at Sassafraz as well, but much more jello-like. It had the same kind of tropical flavours to it. The blueberry sauce was my favourite part because it was fruity sweet like the best jam you could get to put on bread.

Dessert - Hewitt's Dairy Buttermilk & Lemongrass Flan
Dessert – Hewitt’s Dairy Buttermilk & Lemongrass Flan

Had no idea what this dessert was after reading the name and its description on the menu, but it was a pretty darn interestingly good dessert. A fun and daring mix for a dessert to kick off different parts of the tastebuds. The plum was sourrrr, while the pistachio cream was deliciousss in a light sweet way. The nuts gave a good crunch to everything, while the main centerpiece was actually very sweet, smooth, soft, and a lovely creamy blend. They made it all work well together, but I really focused on the pistachio creams… I could put that on every dessert.

Dessert - Sable Breton
Dessert – Sable Breton


People tend to dress on the nicer side here, even for a Sunday summer lunch, likely because this is a more well-known classy place to dine in, atop a very tall building.

Dress Style - Business Casual
Dress Style – Business Casual


Overall quite impressed with the menu for Canoe this summerlicious. Would I want to sit there all day calling a million times to try and get a table here… probably not after having been so many times. But I would recommend this place to anyone who has not tried it and would like to spend their time calling their crappy single phone line to try and get a spot. I have a feeling that if you worked nearby, just merely running up to the restaurant in person to make that reservation might be way more worth it. Don’t hold me to that though because I’ve never tried, not sure if that’s allowed. But that would be something I’d do next time I wanted to come here. Quite a delightful experience this time around though! And got to experience a new view, as well as some unique dishes! Very happy about it!

Thanks for food journeying on,
Restaurant: Canoe
Winterlicious: $25 Lunch // $45 Dinner
Reservations: Call early and be prepared for busy tones all the time for the first 2 days. They do have lots of seats though so just keep trying!
Attire: Nice Casual/ Business Casual


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