Winterlicious 2015 – La Société

Andddd we’re back for an exciting new licious adventure of 2015!We are starting off with a new restaurant for my list that I’ve never been to before. This was one of those choices where I was scrolling down the list and noticed a very interesting restaurant thumbnail of the decor, which tempted me to click into the menu and actually found it worthy of trying. So good for them, luring me with their pretty restaurant photos, which is up to par to the actual interior of the restaurant itself as you will find out in a bit through my documentations!

Let’s see – La Societe (, the restaurant itself seems to have both a location in Toronto and Montreal, which is promising for a French cuisine! Their executive chef, Chef Romain Avril, is from Paris and is known to have appearances in local shows and food blogs. The restaurant sits in the heart of Bloor, perched on the second floor, where all the fancy high end stores and boutiques encircle it from around and across Bloor street. They also have a nice patio area which is closed during the winter though. I was very excited to start off with this fancy French bistro restaurant, even though I had to trudge through a freezing snowy night to get there, so let’s see how it went shall we?


The interior of the restaurant was absolutely gorgeous at night. The photo that captured me to choose this restaurant was as stunning in real life. It was filled with classic French inspired decor, and dimly lit throughout, so the ceiling was definitely the center of attention. Had the perfect bistro comfy vibe mixed with a fancy atmosphere for the high end location. But we all know low light dining means crappier photos… sorry!

Got the restaurant name nicely printed on everything!
Got the restaurant name nicely printed on everything!
Gorgeous decor and stainglass-like ceiling
Gorgeous decor and stainglass-like ceiling

The whole place was decked out to a fancy french theme
The whole place was decked out to a fancy french theme


BIG ISSUE OF THE NIGHT: We had no bread??!! What happened to our bread? We saw tables around us that were already dining get bread… at first we thought it was because they weren’t ordering Winterlicious, so we didn’t inquire. But later it was clear that they just got bread and it seems the people who came in afterwards didn’t. BUT WHY?! Did they run out? Were they being inconsistent cuz it got busy? Just seemed like it was unprofessional to me from my lack of bread with no explanation… :(

Cocktail: London to Paris (gin, lemon, sugar, etc.)
Cocktail: London to Paris (gin, lemon, sugar, etc.)

Ordered a delicious cocktail to start the night. Cute name with a nice sweet touch. Not too strong nor sour so I really enjoyed the refreshingness of it!


Appetizer - Chicken Liver Mousse
Appetizer – Chicken Liver Mousse

Because it’s French cuisine, this was a must try! The mousse was waaaay more… moussey than I had expected. It was very creamy smooth and spreadable… like a dessert mousse so I was surprised since I’ve never had it this soft before! There was also A LOT of mousse and not enough bread for the ratio, so I ended up eating the mousse with my salad as well to mix in the strong taste of it. It tasted great though! I avoided the glob of mustard and the pickle though… not my kinds of foods and I didn’t really need it for this dish.

Appetizer - Cauliflower Velouté
Appetizer – Cauliflower Velouté

The soup was really tasty and you can tell they used a lot of fresh cauliflower to make it because the flavour was strong and dense and good! Probably not part of any favourite soups I’ve ever had, it’s a pretty normal soup, but it is definitely on the above average list for soups in terms of quality!


Entree - Pumpkin Risotto
Entree – Pumpkin Risotto

Was super looking forward to this as it could either go very well or very badly for me. I enjoy pumpkin cooked in certain things if it works well, but otherwise I hate the taste of it (especially when it’s in a more raw form or in cold desserts). Luckily, tonight was a night where they nailed the pumpkin risotto! Risotto was cooked well with the right texture and consistency (not too hard and not too mushy). The flavouring of the pumpkin and the sauces was done very well and I absolutely enjoyed this dish of the night! The whipped mascarpone really gave it extra character and made it a unique risotto for me!

Entree - Pan Seared Black Cod
Entree – Pan Seared Black Cod

Was also really looking forward to the black cod because it is literally the best and smoothest fish you can make and it always costs so darn much! However, this black cod was quite disappointing for me. I guess I’ve always only had black cod at japanese restaurants and boy do they know how to do it right there. Because it really wasn’t done right here… it was overcooked and bland tasting. You really had to rely on the crunch and seasoning of the skin to get through to it. I mean, I feel like black cod as a fish itself is hard to mess up because it’s just so smooth itself, so this fish wasn’t a terrible dish for western standards, it just wasn’t as good as I felt it could be. Whomp whomp~ Those meshed chips on the side was super tasty though and left me wanting for more chips!


Dessert - Warm French Chocolate Cake
Dessert – Warm French Chocolate Cake

I couldn’t decide between the desserts, so I went with a suggestion on that this was the more popular of them all. And that was an absolutely excellent suggestion because this dessert was soooooo goooood it made me forget about the meal already. It’s actually a soft chocolate lava cake, so cutting into the center you get the warm gooey chocolate, mixing with the cold vanilla ice cream! The cake itself was the perfect soft moistness, not too dense so that the chocolate cake didn’t feel too heavy at all. Ice cream was also just creamy vanilla-ey deliciousness! Could totally have a second helping of this dessert!

(Off Menu) Dessert - Berry Sorbet
(Off Menu) Dessert – Berry Sorbet

It was nice of the restaurant to accommodate for allergies and bring out this off the menu and nicely plated extra dessert for us! It was some sort of mixed berry sorbet, but the sorbet was a little on the too sour side for me. I’ll stick with my chocolate lava cakes please!


Dress Style - Business Casual / Fashionable
Dress Style – Business Casual / Fashionable

Busy with lots of types of people bustling about on a Friday night, from work and from shopping in the area. So you get all sorts of dress-ups from the business side, as well as just some fashionistas in the Bloor area. The restaurant environment just gives it a bit of a more fancy aura at night, but it still seems to be a nice French bistro during the day (with a little bit of upscaleness still due to the location of course).


Overall, a good meal to start the event with. It wasn’t amazing per say, mainly because I was disappointed at the inconsistency with the lack of bread, and things feeling a little rushed when it was busy. It gets quite noisy in there when it fills up as well, and you’re sitting pretty close quarters with the people around you. The food was good, but it didn’t amaze me much for Winterlicious, sitting at more of an average given the price, so I don’t feel like I would be returning to this restaurant again. I’ve also read about lots of inconsistencies in terms of the quality of food and service from Yelp reviews, so I guess it’ll be one of those tried-it-once restaurants for me. I do think this restaurant is gorgeous and quaint though, so if you’re in the area and like to stop by a nice place for some decent priced food, I’d say give it a try and see what you find.

Onwards to the food adventures!
Restaurant: La Société
Winterlicious: $23 Lunch // $35 Dinner
Reservations: Make an earlier reservation as it fills up, especially on weekends nights.
Attire: Business Casual / Fashionable


What Do You Think About Foods? : )

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