Winterlicious 2016 Is Coming Up!

It’s that time again! Winterlicious 2016 is arriving soon!
I know… looking at this empty blog… the last post was an introduction for summerlicious and I never even posted the reviews after! I apologize for my lack of writing and rest assured, the reviews do exist and I’m hoping to be posting them up as a throwback as we wait for Winterlicious to start!

This time around, Winterlicious will be running from Jan. 29 to Feb. 11. Reservations for restaurants start this Thursday Feb. 14 though, so I hope you’ve been thinking about where you want to go! I definitely have my list up and will be crossing off and narrowing down the places I’ll want to be reviewing this time around. There are a lot of great restaurants returning, many of which I have reviewed in the past. But there are also amazing new places that I’m excited to try out! Whatever type of food fancies you, make sure you don’t miss this seasonal foodie event!

As well, Winterlicious has been hosting a bunch of Culinary Events every term. I haven’t had the chance to attend any of them before, but I’m looking into possibly trying it out soon! Some events have already started selling tickets online, so make sure you get involved for some extra food fun!

That’s all I have for now, let’s talk about food soon!

Official Winterlicious Website:

Still eating,


What Do You Think About Foods? : )

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