Summerlicious 2016* Updates!

*blows dust off of the site*

Heh! I’ve reappeared again! I know the last licious event went straight to Instagram and the followup written reviews seems to be missing… but I do have my notes still for them! I’m thinking of doing shorter summary reviews of the past winterlicious event, just to get it all down for future references for everyone. But once again, I’m starting up with Summerlicious 2016 with quick photos to Instagram first and foremost (since it really is much easier on timing). Please follow along there if you want delicious photos, and check back later for my super delayed writeups ^__^” I’m not gonna promise anything but I hope to get around to something! There definitely has been a drop in the number of restaurant visits this time around, but scheduling has become more and more crazy for me with additional traveling this month, and unfortunately I’ll be giving up on some foodie times this time around! But don’t worry, I will not give up on foodie adventures throughout the year with you all! Please eat onnnnnnn!!!

The List:
Auberge du Pommier
The Chase

Thank youuu~

IG: @dreamzangel.whit


What Do You Think About Foods? : )

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