Emerging from Hibernation

Hello! This little foodie dreamer is still alive!
The food image posting has been consistent on Instagram @dreamzangel.eatz (new tag!), however the writings have not I realized. Womp womp I’m so sorry to those who surprisingly like to read about my food rants and reviews. Well, given I’m back in town for another licious event, I thought I’d bring this back to life for a bit again! Stay tuned for a dump of old licious reviews to give you some history, and then bringing you back to the changes of today!

Dusting off much love,


Updates & Upcoming Winterlicious 2017*


I’ve come back for some major updates to the blog! Getting all geared up for Winterlicious 2017, and while we wait, I’ll be recapping last year’s licious events in detail from the beginning over the next few weeks! Welcome if you’re new, and thank you for hanging around if you’re an oldie foodie! As always, I’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest food interests on Instagram @ dreamzangel.whit ! It’s the new year and I can’t believe I’ll be having a strong start with Winterlicious 2017 this year! With a whopping 7 restaurants to visit and many new ones to report on, here’s the list:

Horizons @ CN Tower
The Chef’s House @ George Brown College
Thoroughbred Food & Drink
Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill

Excited? I sure am! Here’s to some yummy food splurging! And if you haven’t made your reservations yet, hop on over to their website here, and see what makes you hungry!

Happy 2017!
<3 Dreamz*

Gastropost Love!

Today deserves a quick shoutout to my food-fulfilling licious life of the past few years! Today was the day where I realized that my love of good food could be randomly picked up by other foodies out there too! It was really nice and surprising to see my silly random food snaps being printed in the foodie section of the National Post newspaper in Toronto ^_^”.

Gastropost Newspaper Love

Of course I was wondering… who reads the newspaper anymore?! But of course there is a digital version online as well – See the technology savvy version here!

Gastropost is really a fun site to follow for fellow foodies out there. They post up special missions every week for you to keep the foodie adventures going strong, and to get a chance to get featured on their site! And who knows, you might be the next lucky one selected to be printed in the Toronto paper for that little bit of fame. Then you can be like “LOOK MA! I MADE IT TO THE PAPER – JUST BY STUFFING MY FACE WITH FOOD AND TAKING PHOTOS” *beams proudly*. A great reminder to always have fun and eat well! And there’s still time to join in the licious festivities before it’s over for the year! Go Go Go Nom Nom Nom!


Much Silly Stardom Love,

Summerlicious 2016* Updates!

*blows dust off of the site*

Heh! I’ve reappeared again! I know the last licious event went straight to Instagram and the followup written reviews seems to be missing… but I do have my notes still for them! I’m thinking of doing shorter summary reviews of the past winterlicious event, just to get it all down for future references for everyone. But once again, I’m starting up with Summerlicious 2016 with quick photos to Instagram first and foremost (since it really is much easier on timing). Please follow along there if you want delicious photos, and check back later for my super delayed writeups ^__^” I’m not gonna promise anything but I hope to get around to something! There definitely has been a drop in the number of restaurant visits this time around, but scheduling has become more and more crazy for me with additional traveling this month, and unfortunately I’ll be giving up on some foodie times this time around! But don’t worry, I will not give up on foodie adventures throughout the year with you all! Please eat onnnnnnn!!!

The List:
Auberge du Pommier
The Chase

Thank youuu~

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Winterlicious 2016* – What’s Upcoming?

I’m so happy that you’re here and ready to join me in my next licious adventure! There will be both old and new restaurants to review, and I’m super excited to be able to share the experiences again! And for the first time ever, I’ll be participating in a Culinary Event :)
You can try to get your hands on tickets for the list of Culinary Events here, but I have a feeling that most of them might be sold out now :( I hope you still have some fun reservations with friends and family coming up though! Here’s what you can be expecting this time for my upcoming reviews:

– Culinary Event: Afternoon Tea @ Casa Loma
– Cluny
– Rosewater
– America
– Fred’s Not Here
– The Chase

Also, a new thing for me this year – I’ll be posting more INSTANT and REGULAR PHOTO UPDATES of my licious events to my Instagram account – @dreamzangel.whit. So if you wanna follow along with my Winterlicious 2016 adventures, you can check them all out there before I get to posting the reviews :) I hope to share more foodie things with you all <3

Thanks for Fooding!

Winterlicious 2016 Is Coming Up!

It’s that time again! Winterlicious 2016 is arriving soon!
I know… looking at this empty blog… the last post was an introduction for summerlicious and I never even posted the reviews after! I apologize for my lack of writing and rest assured, the reviews do exist and I’m hoping to be posting them up as a throwback as we wait for Winterlicious to start!

This time around, Winterlicious will be running from Jan. 29 to Feb. 11. Reservations for restaurants start this Thursday Feb. 14 though, so I hope you’ve been thinking about where you want to go! I definitely have my list up and will be crossing off and narrowing down the places I’ll want to be reviewing this time around. There are a lot of great restaurants returning, many of which I have reviewed in the past. But there are also amazing new places that I’m excited to try out! Whatever type of food fancies you, make sure you don’t miss this seasonal foodie event!

As well, Winterlicious has been hosting a bunch of Culinary Events every term. I haven’t had the chance to attend any of them before, but I’m looking into possibly trying it out soon! Some events have already started selling tickets online, so make sure you get involved for some extra food fun!

That’s all I have for now, let’s talk about food soon!

Official Winterlicious Website:

Still eating,

The Summerlicious 2015 Lineup

Summerlicious has already started! Have you gotten your reservations in for this year’s restaurants yet? If not, it’s still early and the event is running from July 3 – 26 this time around, so you still have a chance! Don’t miss out! Feel free to check out my past restaurant reviews to make your pick! Here is my upcoming list of restaurants I will be reviewing this time:

– America
– Splendido
– Cluny
– Copa Cabana
– Harlem

This time around, I’ll be mostly sticking to returning to some new favourites from Winterlicious, in order to check out consistency in deliciousness! But there are some new ones in there that I will be trying with friends and family so I will let you know how they go!

Enjoy this round of Summerlicious all! <3


Summerlicious Website: