[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – Casa Loma High Tea Event

Last Winterlicious, Casa Loma held a special culinary event that allowed guests to enjoy High Tea in the mansion, witness the world’s tallest cake stand, and also walk around and visit the mansion’s grounds afterwards. Being a lover of afternoon tea and castles, this was an event I couldn’t pass up! For this year’s Winterlicious, be sure to check out Casa Loma’s culinary event to celebrate Canada’s 150th Year (more details here).

Here’s a summary of their High Tea Culinary Event from 2016:



The exterior of Casa Loma!
The exterior of Casa Loma!
Dining Area Dessert Table
Dining Area Dessert Table
Beautiful live music by a harpist!
Beautiful live music by a harpist!


The teas you got to pick from were the basic Oolong, Mint, or Black teas. They were all quite light, but you could add your own milk and sugar. So don’t expect the usual style with fancy teas from the typical legit afternoon tea places! xD

Culinary Event - High Tea Croissant & Scone
Culinary Event – High Tea Croissant & Scone

A waiter would walk around and serve each guest a plate of pastries and ask what spreads they would like with them. The pastries were a bit cold and dry, I mean having to serve so many people they probably didn’t keep them heated. But they were definitely still palatable.

Culinary Event - High Tea Savoury Items
Culinary Event – High Tea Savoury Items

You begin with a plate of savoury goods. In general the food was good, but mostly average when compared to other restaurants or afternoon tea establishments. From left to right:
* Baby Croissant with Egg Salad – what you’d expect! Always a tasty combo.
* Brie & Leek Quiche – a nice bite size quiche.
* Cornish Basket with Mango Salsa – the crowd favourite on this plate! Had the perfect texture and flavours!
* Crostini with Baby Shrimps – interesting in that the crostini was a little bitter with a chocolate-like feel to it.
* Yorkshire Pie with Rare Beef – super buttery melt in your mouth kind of crust! :9

Culinary Event - High Tea Dessert Table Side 1
Culinary Event – High Tea Dessert Table Side 1

Once you’re done the savoury items, you’re free to roam the dessert tables to grab any desserts you like.

Culinary Event - High Tea Dessert Table Side 2
Culinary Event – High Tea Dessert Table Side 2

They would continue to bring out plates of desserts as guests ate them up buffet style.

Culinary Event - High Tea Sweet Items
Culinary Event – High Tea Sweet Items

In general, their desserts would be what you’d expect at a buffet restaurant that’s a bit classier than the norm. There were a lot of choices but nothing was particularly unique nor especially tasty. Except chocolate strawberries… because you can’t go wrong with that!

Culinary Event - World's Tallest Cake Stand!
Culinary Event – World’s Tallest Cake Stand!

The funnest part was watching the chef climb up and down the ladder to get plates off of this giant cake stand! What a spectacular sight to withhold, made even grander within the lobby’s beautiful grounds!


Attire - Tea Party!
Attire – Tea Party!

The environment is specially decorated to be a fancy high tea place, so you can definitely step it up a notch! And who wouldn’t want an excuse to be well-dressed when visiting a gorgeous castle anyway?


All in all, my first culinary event was a great one! It was lots of fun to be able to have high tea in such a lovely setting with my girlfriends. And I loved that we could take the time to walk around Casa Loma afterwards as part of our food admission. Although in the winter time you miss out on the garden area, but seeing the enormous cake stand made up for it! I would definitely join in on a Casa Loma culinary event because it’s such a special place and there’s so much to see as well! Food and fun all in one!

Bye Sweeties,

Restaurant: Casa Loma – Culinary Event
Culinary Event: $35
Reservations: Had to buy tickets ahead of time online for a specific timeslot – they ended up all being sold out before the event started!
Recommended Attire: Daytime Cocktail Party to fit the theme