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Hello! This little foodie dreamer is still alive!
The food image posting has been consistent on Instagram @dreamzangel.eatz (new tag!), however the writings have not I realized. Womp womp I’m so sorry to those who surprisingly like to read about my food rants and reviews. Well, given I’m back in town for another licious event, I thought I’d bring this back to life for a bit again! Stay tuned for a dump of old licious reviews to give you some history, and then bringing you back to the changes of today!

Dusting off much love,


[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – The Chase Fish & Oyster

The Chase F&O was a newcomer to licious during the Winterlicious 2016 event, and a rather new restaurant in Toronto as well. It was a bit confusing at first because there’s two parts to this restaurant. The Chase itself is actually located upstairs in the same building. However, winterlicious was only running for The Chase Fish & Oyster – the seafood specialized restaurant that’s on the bottom floor. The two restaurants actually have entirely different menus too. So I think a lot of people were confused about where they were eating when booking for licious, including myself, thinking I was going to The Chase and not knowing this one was a little different! However, the menu looked just as good and there’s a lack of seafood specialty restaurants on the licious list anyway, so was very excited about trying this place out.

The problem with being new to anything, is that sometimes you aren’t prepared for what’s to come. I definitely think they overbooked themselves during this event and didn’t realize the sheer amount of people who show up to licious events. We made and confirmed our reservations for our group long before our licious dining date, but they were clearly running behind that night. There was a lot of people waiting, and we ended up waiting a full 30 minutes (at least) before we could be seated. That’s unfortunately the worst situation you could put in front of a bunch of hungry foodies after they get off work. To make matters worse, their kitchen was likely backed up too, and everyone was busy… so it was a slow night of dining… a lot of waiting… and food coming out slowly. However, being the professional restaurant that they are, we were kindly offered complimentary cold dishes to help ease our wait a bit. And let’s have the full food review:

Love the vibe and decor – perfect for a seafood restaurant while still keeping it classy.



Drinks - Powder Monkey (left), Tropical Mint Punch (right)
Drinks – Powder Monkey (left), Tropical Mint Punch (right)

Our drinks were the typical cocktails served at restaurants. A little refresher to start off the long night of waiting xD

Complimentary (probably for the long wait) - Seafood Platter
Complimentary (probably for the long wait) – Seafood Platter

Because they knew the food was taking forever, we were offered a complimentary seafood dish of cold items that we would gladly accept! These don’t require much prep and no cooking so they were a good idea to keep diners happy while waiting! Some nice BC and PEI oysters, with some snow crab legs too! What a nice freebie!

Extra Menu Order - Tuna Nachos
Extra Menu Order – Tuna Nachos

I can’t remember if we ordered these due to hunger or if they provided more food for us while we waited. But these seafood nachos had aioli on half, and something else on the other half because we had an egg allergy in the group. Tasty nachos! I think of it as a high class version of nachos because of the ingredients XDDD Very asian inspired version of nachos too with the taro chips which are some of my fave!

Extra Menu Order - Oyster Po Boy Slider
Extra Menu Order – Oyster Po Boy Slider

Another extra food item which was a seafood version of a classic pub dish. Again taking the cheap dishes loved by all and making it classier and “fishier”! Thoroughly enjoyed their rendition of the slider! Bite size (a couple of bites for me) of crunchy and tasty deep fried oyster in a baby burger!


Appetizer - Lobster & Tomato Bisque
Appetizer – Lobster & Tomato Bisque

The soup was quite tasty, but also spicy! It was a bit on the more oily side, but very flavourful and nice and warm.

Appetizer - Salmon Tartare
Appetizer – Salmon Tartare

The salmon tartare was super delicious! Can’t go wrong with cold raw salmon right? The bread was a bit too thick and hard for this dish’s accompaniment though! Would have liked something thinner so it doesn’t take away from the tartare main affair.


Entree - Pan Seared Arctic Char
Entree – Pan Seared Arctic Char

The char was a tad bit overcooked, but still a tasty cut of fish with a strong buttery flavour on it. The vegetables accompaniment was light and went well with the fish by adding something a little different.

Entree - Braised Beef Brisket
Entree – Braised Beef Brisket

The brisket was very soft and tender, and I especially enjoyed the crispy stuff! Very happy that this restaurant doesn’t only do seafood, but does their meats well too!


Dessert - Caramelized Banana Sundae
Dessert – Caramelized Banana Sundae

The bananas drenched in toffee caramel is very tasty of course! The ice cream is just regular vanilla scoops of plain normal “peasant” ice cream though. lol.

Dessert (vegan) - Fruit Bowl
Dessert (vegan) – Fruit Bowl

What can I say? This is a bowl of fruit… rather berries… for the vegans :D

It appears that I’m missing a photo for a Chocolate Cake dessert on the menu, but I have notes that the cake was very dry and dense… more like eating a stale-ish cupcake. But the peanut butter ice cream that went with it was delicious!!! I guess the cake wasn’t good enough to deserve to make it into my photos… haha whoops.

Dessert - Donuts
Dessert – Donuts

The donut was kinda like a regular Tim Horton’s donut, but with an apple filling! Another incredibly filling dessert item!

Missing attire pic again :( Was too dark and cold after the long table wait.
Attire: Business Casual


Although this restaurant seemed to have a bit of trouble with their first licious event, their food was still very tasty and kept up to the standards. They made up for their issues by providing complimentary dishes to keep everyone happy which is an extra plus for them for incredible service! The seafood is at a high quality and I would definitely come back to enjoy their food again. There’s a good portion of food and the environment is so nice and modern. I would love to try their sister restaurant upstairs which is well known too. They are quite pricey but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be joining the licious scene. In the meantime, The Chase F&O have figured out their overbooking issues in licious events since then, and the novelty seems to have worn off so you can dine more comfortably without such a long wait now! Highly recommend this place for a good seafood pick!

Fishy Out,

Restaurant: The Chase Fish & Oyster
Winterlicious: $23 Lunch // $38 Dinner
Reservations: Seemed like they were overbooked at their first licious run. Definitely put your’s in early as they are popular.
Recommended Attire: Business Casual

[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – Fred’s Not Here

Considering the disappointment I had with their service at a previous licious event, this restaurant would normally not be on my list to return to. However, sometimes the family has plans of their own and you just kinda get dragged into it =_=”. At least I figured, it can’t be any worse and I already know what to expect of their food, which was pretty decent even with the poor service. They’ve been around for a while and know what they’re popular for – their lobster bisque and their steaks. Their menu during this licious review period was quite something though. There were over 5 – 6+ different options for each course, when most places usually just provide 3 – 4 to keep things simple. Let’s see how everything went this time around:


Previous review of this place has better restaurant photos :P


Basket of Mixed Bread
Basket of Mixed Bread

Where’s the butter…… I think they gave us those pre-packaged butters, but it was like that last time too.


Appetizer - Baked Lobster & Crab Soup
Appetizer – Baked Lobster & Crab Soup

Soup inside the Puff Pastry
Soup inside the Puff Pastry

Their famous soup but I feel like they changed the contents a bit. Hmmm. The pastry puff on top could be a bit more burnt for that browning crust that makes it much crispier and tastier. The soup had lots of pepper, but the seafood flavours were still strong and came through. Wish they had a bit more seafood chunks in there though.

Appetizer - Chopped Kale Salad w/ Miso Tahini Dressing
Appetizer – Chopped Kale Salad w/ Miso Tahini Dressing

This salad was a typical plate of kale, but the sauce was quite nice and refreshing. It was more on the tart side, so the sauce held the dish together… otherwise just lots of kale!!!


Entree - Seafood Cioppino
Entree – Seafood Cioppino

A ciopinno is actually a fish stew that originated in San Francisco as an Italian-American dish. The seafood in here, particularly the fish, was a little too dry for my liking from being boiled for too long. It was a bit too watery to be able to dip the toast in and get anything out of it. The soup base was full of good seafood flavours, although the stew felt over-peppered again like the soups :(

Entree - Steak Frites
Entree – Steak Frites

As expected from this steakhouse – their steak was once again perfectly cooked. It was a solid cut of meat, except there was just no sauce to go with it!!! Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of sauce accompaniment especially if the steak is not the juicy kinds. The fries were pretty standard frites with a nice crispiness to them.

Entree - Duck "A L'Orange" with Coconut Rice
Entree – Duck “A L’Orange” with Coconut Rice

We got a very good quality cut of duck. Each slice had a bit of the duck skin, then a small layer of fat, then the duck meat. The skin was quite salty, and unfortunately the duck itself was a bit dry. It probably needed a bit more plum sauce or their “l’orange”. The rice was actually a bit hard so it needed to be cooked a tad longer.


Dessert - Daily Fresh Fruit Ice
Dessert – Daily Fresh Fruit Ice

The sorbets were pretty regular – more on the sour side.

Dessert - Berry & Mango Cheesecake
Dessert – Berry & Mango Cheesecake

The cheesecake was a soft and creamy one. The standard kind of cheesecakes you’d pick up at a store.

Dessert - Baked Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce
Dessert – Baked Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding with Caramel Rum Sauce

Unlike the last time I had this, they really did it right this time! The bread pudding was the star of the desserts. Super tasty with perfectly melted chocolate in a proper consistency for bread pudding. Just the right softness with a bit of spongey give. The sauce was a delicious one too!


No outfit pic – too dark and late :P
Attire – Casual


Overall, I didn’t mind dining at this restaurant again this time. The service was definitely MUCH better than last time… felt more like a normal dining experience at the restaurant. A little bummed about the overly peppered food, but their meat dishes continue to be stellar. They’ve kept up their name as a steakhouse that can deliver good steaks. The seafood I’m still not so sure about (many other better dining choices for good seafood dishes elsewhere), but it is catered to a more western way of seafood dining and it’s not really their specialty here. The restaurant itself seems to be pretty consistent of what you can expect with their food, so it is definitely predictable. A great dining choice for having good steak if you don’t feel like splurging a bunch for the quality higher end steakhouses in area.

Thanks for rEATding,

Restaurant: Fred’s Not Here
Winterlicious: $23 Lunch // $38 Dinner
Reservations: Call a couple days ahead of time and you should be able to get something.
Attire: Casual

[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – America

I know… it appears I’ve gone to this restaurant for every single licious event… but their food is just spectacular, consistently tasty, and different every time. There’s always something on their menu that I want to try and it’s always different than all the other menus out there. What’s more, there’s always somebody that wants to try the good food at this restaurant together as well. So it all works out that I get to go here again! However, with the latest crazy politics that’s been going on south of the border, I think I’ll give them a bit of a rest this year haha! But here’s their 2016 winterlicious lunch review:


There really isn’t anymore new restaurant pics that I can take that I haven’t already taken in my 749583745 other reviews lol. I always love their gorgeous menus.


Drinks - Lychee Paradise (left), Mimosa (back center), Vanilla Orchid (right)
Drinks – Lychee Paradise (left), Mimosa (back center), Vanilla Orchid (right)

All these drinks were very tasty. The special cocktails were very candy-like. One was like a sweet candy drink, while the other was more of a sour candy drink!

Sourdough & Cornbread & Soft Butter
Sourdough & Cornbread & Soft Butter

As always, their cornbread is still my favourite cornbread EVER EVER EVER. Their butter is also so super soft and warm too :)


First of all, I need to give them major props for actually waiting for me to return to my seat before serving my food when I had gone to the bathroom. Instead of making the other guests wait, or leaving my food sitting out, they actually kept my food warm in the back and brought it out for me when I had gotten back to my seat. What impeccable service and that’s why I love coming to this place again and again!

Appetizer - Whitefish Doughnuts
Appetizer – Whitefish Doughnuts

This was a super interesting dish and we all couldn’t wait to see how it would come out! The dish was absolutely delicious and everything went together very well!

Appetizer - Baked Potato & Raclette Soup
Appetizer – Baked Potato & Raclette Soup

The soup was tasty and had some sour veggies, but it didn’t take away from the potato soup itself. It actually literally tastes like a baked potato but in soup form! All the flavours in a deliciously filled baked potato were all there!

Appetizer - Crispy Beef Andouille
Appetizer – Crispy Beef Andouille

Inside the Crispy Beef
Inside the Crispy Beef

The crispy beef was very interesting as well! The meat inside was nice and soft and not dry at all. The crispy parts were just enough to add texture to the meat to create a unique meat appetizer. All the fine details in every little accompaniment was just right and made for a fun experience pairing it altogether! The accompaniments are another thing that America consistently does a lot of and does it well!


Entree - Smoked Chicken Pappardelle
Entree – Smoked Chicken Pappardelle

The pasta dish was the most normal out of all the dishes in the entree section, but nonetheless it was a very tasty dish with a delicious sauce and well cooked meats. The pasta was a good al dente level. Absolutely nothing to complain about!

Entree - Grandview Farms Meatloaf & Hunter Sauce
Entree – Grandview Farms Meatloaf & Hunter Sauce

The meatloaf dish was also done very well. Again the sauce and accompaniments were all done right and the meat was cooked deliciously! A huge filling meal!

Entree - Northern Woods Mushroom Potato Bake
Entree – Northern Woods Mushroom Potato Bake

I have to say this is probably one of THE BEST licious dishes on my list. First of all, I don’t like mushrooms, but I do love potatoes. This glorious block was created with thin, smooth, creamy layers of potatoes stacked atop one another. If I had to describe it, this would be the perfect softness and tenderness of a delicious cake except in savoury form! The sauce was also so tasty and perfect. I think I wanted another one of this already after taking one bite. Perfection.

Entree - Spicy Salmon Tartare & Wild Rice Cake
Entree – Spicy Salmon Tartare & Wild Rice Cake

This dish was very interesting and unique indeed, but not my favourite. Only due to personal preference of not being a spicy food person, and also not being a wild rice kinda person either. Also maybe because the ingredients reminded me a lot of the asian cuisine I commonly have, but not made in the same way. Mind you, the tartare was still tasty, and the wild rice cake was crunchy and airy as you’d expect, but a little on the hard side). The combination didn’t come together as perfectly as the others for me though.


Another one of my favourite sections to look forward to at this restaurant as they always come up with new and tasty desserts every time! And their presentations are always top notch, just like all their food presentations too though.

Dessert - Bourbon Chocolate Tart
Dessert – Bourbon Chocolate Tart

A delicious tart…err…block for the chocolate lovers! What else to say but tasty, tasty, tasty! Full of smooth chocolatey-ness!

Dessert - Jasper Hill Cheddar Whiz
Dessert – Jasper Hill Cheddar Whiz

When you think of cheese, this is definitely not what you would think of! First time having cheese in this form and type I think! It was super light, almost like having whipped cream but it was cheese! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it wasn’t too stinky for me!

Dessert - Mulled Pear Upside-Down Cake
Dessert – Mulled Pear Upside-Down Cake

I was expecting this cake to look much crazier for some reason, but it definitely delivered on the taste in terms of the expectations. A solid cake that wasn’t too hard nor too soft, with a yummy pear flavour that came through without being too strong. A very well-made upside-down cake! Wish I had a bigger slice :P

Complimentary - Coffee Chocolate Medallions
Complimentary – Coffee Chocolate Medallions

As always, America provides complimentary chocolate at the end of each meal when you pay for the bill. This time they were coffee flavoured chocolates for everyone! A sweet and happy way to end the meal!


Attire - Business / Cocktail
Attire – Business / Cocktail

This place is so elegant in a trendy way, and the service is so high class that I would feel disrespectful wearing anything too casual.


As always, America restaurant delivered to the high standards that I’ve always held them at for licious events again and again! The licious price tag is definitely worth every bit of the excellent food experience you get here. This restaurant continues to be at the top of my recommendation list, and continues to impress me with its unique and delicious food. There’s always something great to come back to and they haven’t skimped on anything over the years. I hope they will continue to provide this great service and amazing menus at such a high quality. Silly enough, its name and location is a bit of a laugh right now, but hey, good food is good food and if they consistently deliver that, then they deserve the praise as an excellent restaurant in Toronto.

My food does not represent my political opinions,

Restaurant: America Restaurant
Winterlicious: $28 Lunch // $45 Dinner
Reservations: Definitely do so since they are not a super large restaurant. Dinner services are always full. However, I’m not sure if they are still as popular right now due to its location and politics… hehe.
Recommended Attire: Business / Cocktail

[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – Rosewater

Rosewater has been hovering on my licious list to try for a while since it was so close to work, had gorgeous photos of tall booth seating, and seemed to have a pretty good review for their food menu. So we booked a lunch outing to try this place with some foodie work friends! To our surprise, the place was empty when we got there for lunch, and didn’t really fill up completely even though it was in a core business area. For some reason, the place also didn’t seem as grand as I had pictured it to be from their website and online galleries. Not sure if it was a due to the fact that it was a lunch service, but it definitely felt quite casual from the decor placement to the wait staff attire and attitude, as opposed to the very fancy vibe you get from their marketing material. An interesting first impression, but here goes the review:


We sat right behind this interesting rose glass panel.

Snuck a quick shot of those super tall booths I was excited about. But it didn’t seem as grand in person – seemed a bit old and fading compared to the fancy looking photos online! Also… we didn’t get to sit in one since we were a large group… we just got regular chairs at a regular black wooden table in the center :'(

I think I expected something fancier for menus and placement sets too… I think I was just deceived on my expectations the whole time.


Basket of Mixed Bread & Lots of Butter Balls
Basket of Mixed Bread & Lots of Butter Balls

Everything came out really hot – which is nice because cold bread is always a bummer. Enjoyed their interesting pointy crunchy crisps things that you don’t normally get at restaurants!


Appetizer - Sesame Prawn Toast
Appetizer – Sesame Prawn Toast

The food also all came out really hot. A little too hot I’d say to be ready to enjoy. Got a warning from a fellow diner at the table to be careful not to burn yourself by being too excited to eat your food! The toast here was a bit hard, but the dish had the right flavours of what you would expect to get. The sauce was an Asian style sweet and sour sauce that kinda reminded me of cheap spring roll dipping sauce. The fanciness is really going out the window at this point.

Appetizer - Butternut Squash Purée
Appetizer – Butternut Squash Purée

Also came out a bit too hot for people. The soup was not very dense nor heavy as butternut squash purée normally is expected to be. The flavour wasn’t very strong either so this is preferable for those looking for a lighter butternut squash soup.


Entree - House Made Papardelle
Entree – House Made Papardelle

A nice solid plate of pasta here, although a little too peppery for the guests that had it. Good al dente texture and a good balanced mixture of sauce.

Entree - Duck Confit Shepherd's Pie
Entree – Duck Confit Shepherd’s Pie

The pie was quite tasty but a bit too greasy. There was a good amount of filling to be sure to make you full. The salad was pretty normal.

Entree - Line-Caught Pacific Cod
Entree – Line-Caught Pacific Cod

Unfortunately the fish was a bit bland, but the artichoke purée was very tasty! The fish was cooked well too, but just wished there was more seasoning to accompany all of it!


Dessert - White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Dessert – White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

The pie was VERY MUCH banana cream flavoured above anything else. For once I think it overpowered the white chocolate component completely. It felt more like a buffet-style cloned dessert to me so it wasn’t anything special in experience, but just a regular dessert of sorts with heavy banana.

Dessert - Cranberry Apple Bread Pudding
Dessert – Cranberry Apple Bread Pudding

This dessert was my favourite of them all. It was a great bread pudding consistency for me, and had a yummy mix of fruity flavours. Everything was a complement and nothing overpowered in this one. Yum! Except the extra random fruits thrown in on the side… those can go in terms of being useless for plating and for accompaniments. lol

Dessert - Trio of House Spun Sorbets
Dessert – Trio of House Spun Sorbets

The only thing anyone could really say about this one was the sorbets were just… really really hard. I mean they look a bit iced over even in the photo, so maybe they needed some more time for them to sit so that it’s actually edible and not teeth breaking. Otherwise… it also felt like they threw together a random mix of things to make a “dessert” dish.


Missing wardrobe photo as it was a work lunch
Attire – Casual


Overall consensus with the group was that this place’s food was good enough, but it wasn’t amazingly great at the usual licious level. For the price, it might make more sense to just drop in for a regular meal on any day or night and just order the things that interest you for a cheaper price rather than a full set course. And definitely the place is not as fancy as you perceive it to be. Mind you, the environment is still pretty nice, and I think maybe at night everything looks a bit grander, but it’s also a fine casual dining place as well. The desserts were subpar for me. Would I come back? Probably not for licous and not that interested in returning for the food after this time. But by all means, it’s not a bad restaurant at all! I would just put them more on the average level given my expectations (which may have started a bit higher than expected unfortunately). I think they would need to keep up a bit with the more modern food palate and better presentations that restaurants are focusing on nowadays, in order to stay relevant and fancy.

We Dine On,

Restaurant: Rosewater
Winterlicious: $23 Lunch // $38 Dinner
Reservations: A known but not a very popular restaurant for licious, so they still had openings especially during a weekday lunch.
Recommended Attire: Casual / Business Casual

[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – Cluny Bistro

It looks like Cluny continues to be a crowd favourite every licious event! There’s always more people who want to come and try it out, and as a place with consistently good food and just such a unique beautiful environment, I just couldn’t turn down another Cluny outing to introduce more people to this place! And here we have another lunch review from 2016:


Trying to shoot some different environment shots every time since I’ve reviewed this place so often in the past!





Drinks - Pomegranate Blueberry Juice (left), Guava Strawberry Orange Juice (right)
Drinks – Pomegranate Blueberry Juice (left), Guava Strawberry Orange Juice (right)

Always fresh and delicious!

Basket of Mixed Bread & Butter (a bit hard)
Basket of Mixed Bread & Butter (a bit hard)

There was lots to choose from in this bread basket – one of them had a slight chili taste, another was multigrain. The bread seemed to be left out and was a bit hard and cold this time around, but the insides were still soft and fresh.


Appetizer - Barley & Red Lentil Soup
Appetizer – Barley & Red Lentil Soup

This soup had lots of ingredients, so much that it was almost stew-like! The base had an unexpected sourness to it, maybe there’s some sauerkraut in there somewhere? It came kinda lukewarm though, not hot.

Appetizer - White Truffle Brulée
Appetizer – White Truffle Brulée

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this dish, but when this showed up I was pleasantly surprised! The focaccia bread was absolutely amazing. It had some garlic inside and tasted sooo good even on its own. The brulée was very hummus-like in texture and looks. Super creamy and tasty. The pear was sweet and cold and everything just went together nicely for a perfect summer appetizer! Top pick!

Appetizer - Escarole, Goat Cheese & Pear Salad
Appetizer – Escarole, Goat Cheese & Pear Salad

A standard salad – the leafs were a bit bitter and peppery to me. The brittle was sweet and added a nice crunch to everything.


Entree - Chili Marinated Grilled Head on Prawns
Entree – Chili Marinated Grilled Head on Prawns

The veggies and the grits in the sauce were very flavourful and tasty. The very large prawns were not too spicy. There was a good balance of sauce and flavours on this plate for sure.

Entree - Beef Tongue Pastrami Tartine
Entree – Beef Tongue Pastrami Tartine

The beef tongue was very chewy and tender (maybe a bit too chewy in some parts). The mustard sauce that went with everything had a sweetness to it that made it extra tasty. The bread was nicely toasted. And of course their fries are perfect every time I have a dish with that on it :D

Entree - Baked French Cassoulet
Entree – Baked French Cassoulet

Inside the Cassoulet
Inside the Cassoulet

So there were lots of beans on the bottom of this. The breading on top was crunchy like bread crumbs. The duck meat inside was soft and shredded easily, being kept warm and soft inside the pot. This was full of very strong flavours of all the different ingredients mixing together. Something a little different on the licious menu! Definitely a good dish for people that enjoy the heavier stuff!


Dessert - Bittersweet Chocolate Macaron
Dessert – Bittersweet Chocolate Macaron

This was definitely a very dark chocolate macaron and was made very well. The sauce was very sour in contrast. Definitely a dessert to please the palette of those who are not fans of the sweets!

Dessert - Raspberry Profiterole
Dessert – Raspberry Profiterole

I like that they brought back their signature profiterole dessert on their licious menu, but it’s also a different flavour than before. The raspberry one this time was very light and fluffy and not too sour like the real fruit. The chantilly and chocolate and crunchy topped it all off nicely! Loved it just as much as the first time I had it a year prior!

Dessert - Poire William Sorbet
Dessert – Poire William Sorbet

This sorbet was just as if you took a very very sweet pear and mushed it into yummy ice form! The pear flavour was super strong and tasty. The sorbet was not too cold nor too icy – just the perfect mixture. You also get a very very large scoop!

Take Home Goodies from Cluny's Bakery
Take Home Goodies from Cluny’s Bakery

Highly suggest stopping by the bakery on your way out and grabbing some delicious French goodies to enjoy at home later on!


Attire - Casual
Attire – Casual

A weekend lunch is pretty easy going and comfy with attire, but think of a pretty french bistro kind of decor that you’ll be dining at.


I remember how Cluny rose to the top of the recommendations list the first time, but didn’t wow me as much the second time during dinner. So this third lunch test was a real test of consistency and to see how their food has changed over the year. I’m happy to report that they are still doing a fabulous job at keeping true to their quality. This is still definitely a restaurant at the top of my recommendations list for anyone going to licious! Just have to make the trek over to distillery district, but you should definitely take the time to enjoy the historical area and unique shops while you’re there!

Sweetest Fooding,

Restaurant: Cluny Bistro
Winterlicious: $23 Lunch // $38 Dinner
Reservations: It’s pretty big so they can seat a lot, but they’re always full of people for this event!
Recommended Attire: Casual / Business Casual

[Recap] Winterlicious 2016 – Casa Loma High Tea Event

Last Winterlicious, Casa Loma held a special culinary event that allowed guests to enjoy High Tea in the mansion, witness the world’s tallest cake stand, and also walk around and visit the mansion’s grounds afterwards. Being a lover of afternoon tea and castles, this was an event I couldn’t pass up! For this year’s Winterlicious, be sure to check out Casa Loma’s culinary event to celebrate Canada’s 150th Year (more details here).

Here’s a summary of their High Tea Culinary Event from 2016:



The exterior of Casa Loma!
The exterior of Casa Loma!
Dining Area Dessert Table
Dining Area Dessert Table
Beautiful live music by a harpist!
Beautiful live music by a harpist!


The teas you got to pick from were the basic Oolong, Mint, or Black teas. They were all quite light, but you could add your own milk and sugar. So don’t expect the usual style with fancy teas from the typical legit afternoon tea places! xD

Culinary Event - High Tea Croissant & Scone
Culinary Event – High Tea Croissant & Scone

A waiter would walk around and serve each guest a plate of pastries and ask what spreads they would like with them. The pastries were a bit cold and dry, I mean having to serve so many people they probably didn’t keep them heated. But they were definitely still palatable.

Culinary Event - High Tea Savoury Items
Culinary Event – High Tea Savoury Items

You begin with a plate of savoury goods. In general the food was good, but mostly average when compared to other restaurants or afternoon tea establishments. From left to right:
* Baby Croissant with Egg Salad – what you’d expect! Always a tasty combo.
* Brie & Leek Quiche – a nice bite size quiche.
* Cornish Basket with Mango Salsa – the crowd favourite on this plate! Had the perfect texture and flavours!
* Crostini with Baby Shrimps – interesting in that the crostini was a little bitter with a chocolate-like feel to it.
* Yorkshire Pie with Rare Beef – super buttery melt in your mouth kind of crust! :9

Culinary Event - High Tea Dessert Table Side 1
Culinary Event – High Tea Dessert Table Side 1

Once you’re done the savoury items, you’re free to roam the dessert tables to grab any desserts you like.

Culinary Event - High Tea Dessert Table Side 2
Culinary Event – High Tea Dessert Table Side 2

They would continue to bring out plates of desserts as guests ate them up buffet style.

Culinary Event - High Tea Sweet Items
Culinary Event – High Tea Sweet Items

In general, their desserts would be what you’d expect at a buffet restaurant that’s a bit classier than the norm. There were a lot of choices but nothing was particularly unique nor especially tasty. Except chocolate strawberries… because you can’t go wrong with that!

Culinary Event - World's Tallest Cake Stand!
Culinary Event – World’s Tallest Cake Stand!

The funnest part was watching the chef climb up and down the ladder to get plates off of this giant cake stand! What a spectacular sight to withhold, made even grander within the lobby’s beautiful grounds!


Attire - Tea Party!
Attire – Tea Party!

The environment is specially decorated to be a fancy high tea place, so you can definitely step it up a notch! And who wouldn’t want an excuse to be well-dressed when visiting a gorgeous castle anyway?


All in all, my first culinary event was a great one! It was lots of fun to be able to have high tea in such a lovely setting with my girlfriends. And I loved that we could take the time to walk around Casa Loma afterwards as part of our food admission. Although in the winter time you miss out on the garden area, but seeing the enormous cake stand made up for it! I would definitely join in on a Casa Loma culinary event because it’s such a special place and there’s so much to see as well! Food and fun all in one!

Bye Sweeties,

Restaurant: Casa Loma – Culinary Event
Culinary Event: $35
Reservations: Had to buy tickets ahead of time online for a specific timeslot – they ended up all being sold out before the event started!
Recommended Attire: Daytime Cocktail Party to fit the theme